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Since I was able to walk I've been drawn to nature. I was always outside exploring the forests and fields, observing nature, and building forts on our family farm in central New York. That passion led me to study biology and forestry in college and eventually earn a master’s degree from Washington State University and later work towards my PhD at Virginia Tech.  Education is a stepping stone to keep ahead in this fast paced world but no matter how much I've learned and studied there is no better way for me to connect to the world and find a little peace than to dig in the soil, grow plants, and foster life. This is what I do here at Dart Acres. I hope my passion for plants; nature and farm life can have a positive impact on my local community. Please feel free to visit Dart Acres I want this to be a place for the community to enjoy and connect to the land and each other.


Norman L. Dart

Owner- Dart Acres

Farming and ecosystems

The soil at Dart Acres is a deep sandy loam. This is great soil to work with and till however with little clay in the soil nutrients leach fast when the soil structure is frequently disturbed by tilling. To protect the soil health and ecosystem we are researching no till practices as well as permaculture techniques to keep the natural soil structure which provides for long term sustainability. As a result we help conserve a healthy ecosystem while growing healthy produce for the local community.


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